30 days and counting…..

Over 30 days+ of lockdown, what have I learnt this week?

I have reminded myself of a core message from my own masterclass.

Energy cannot be lost be created or destroyed it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.

The zaps of energy we can give ourself is when we transfer energy from one form to another.

So I have learnt to transfer some of the spiritual energy that I get from a perfect blue sky to give myself time to think.

I’ve noticed when the energy around my emotions positive or negative can support me or hinder me in my work and relationships. I have used my core value of courage to name them.

I’ve used the mental energy of my community to challenge my thinking and understanding of technical IT issues!

I’ve boosted the physical energy that I get from my food to keep me thriving not sizing up in lockdown!

How have you used your energy this week?

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