Double rainbow

It’s Friday and what have I learnt this week?

I realised that my upside-down rainbow, which I shared at the beginning of the week was a sign. It was a signal for me to pay more attention to the spiritual side of me.

My upside-down rainbow was the top arc of a double rainbow. Some cultures believe that the double rainbow represents both the inner and outer world of our bodies with the spiritual world (the top arc) connecting with the physical self (the inner arc).

And to have balance, you need both.

I’m proud of what I have done this week. I have had a purpose in my work, I have been present with my clients, I have continued to learn. But I was not in balance; my energy slipped as my body told me to stop, finally forcing me to take a break yesterday.

As someone who has always worked to serve others – in my career as a teacher and Headteacher and now as a coach, I’m inclined to put others first.

I need self-care to build balance in my life. So my daily journal has been adapted so that I plan for that balance every day. It doesn’t just appear like magic in the sky like those double rainbows. It needs conscious thought, it needs me to be creative and courageous.

Have you been listening to your body? If so, what is it telling you?

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