tease-post.twigEnd of week two – what have your learnt?

The end of week two and counting and for parents, the end of the first week of homeworking with your children. Read More

tease-post.twigPic n’ Mix

 It’s #Fridaygiving day.    Now as I have to physically distance myself from all of you, I can only give you… Read More

tease-post.twigMindset Challenge Assignment 5

Mindset assignment 5 ‘Being brilliant all the time can stifle our creativity’. Carol Dweck made me think and ponder and it took me back to… Read More

tease-post.twigMindset Challenge Assignment 4

Mindset Assignment 4 This one will be a joy and a challenge to you today. Who remembers the closing scene of Back to the Future… Read More

tease-post.twigMindset Challenge Assignment 2

‘The fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reasons for remaining ashore.’ Vincent… Read More

tease-post.twigGrowth Mindset Challenge Assignment 1

I shared in my video blog last Monday, that I attended a lecture by Carol Dweck – Developing a Growth Mindset for Learning. Carol Dweck,… Read More


I woke after a fractured nights sleep on the morning of the 23rd June 2016. Blinking blurry eyes,… Read More

tease-post.twigSnow day

Walking home on one evening the snow was falling thick and fast.  I passed adults turning their head to the sky and smiling,… Read More

tease-post.twigNibble, nibble, scratch, scratch!

Would you want to share your sleep with this particular fellow? I’m pretty sure once you know that this is… Read More

tease-post.twigNotice, habits, joy

Summer is drawing to a close and in noticing what is happening around me, I have also given thought to the habits that shape this… Read More

tease-post.twigBlue sky thinking

A few years ago, I was inspired by a fellow coach Kirstie McLaclan to undertake a simple act of using my love of writing letters… Read More

tease-post.twigEmotional wellbeing

Developing the team is one of the best ways any leader can move their organisation forward.  But in this current climate when three in four… Read More

tease-post.twigGrow your own superhero team

In this challenging landscape of retention and recruitment issues, growing your own team is critical for any school. One of the easiest ways to build… Read More

tease-post.twigSummer reading just around the corner

There are three books on my shelf at the moment. Two examine raising self-awareness and changing habits to improve wellbeing and build resilience.  The other… Read More

tease-post.twigCuriosity matters… don’t give up!

Today’s blog post is all about Curiosity For as long as I can remember, I have been inspired by teachers. Teachers got me reading, told… Read More