Blue sky thinking

A few years ago, I was inspired by a fellow coach Kirstie McLaclan to undertake a simple act of using my love of writing letters to send a postcard to myself each time I went away on holiday.

We rarely stop thinking about our working life, even when we take time away.  Time and change of space out of our normal routines are  incredibly rich.  A time to think without judgement and a time to make new goals, reminding ourselves about what and who matters in our lives.

Now working as a coach, I have captured that thought. This year I will be giving  my coachees the simple gift of a postcard.  A beautiful postcard to take away to use as a bookmark and keep close as they sit, sunbathe, swing in a hammock or trek in the mountains. A postcard to capture those fleeting but important thoughts. A postcard to send home or back to work to remind them of new ideas, captured in calm conditions.

A break from work is a time to recharge and refresh.  So whether you are at home or abroad, write yourself a postcard.  You never know a postcard from the edge of your normal routines might edge you closer to your dreams.


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