Growth Mindset Challenge Assignment 1

I shared in my video blog last Monday, that I attended a lecture by Carol Dweck – Developing a Growth Mindset for Learning.

Carol Dweck, PhD, is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of human motivation, personality and development. Her research published in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success in 2006.

Her theory is that a mindset is a self-perception that people hold about themselves. Fixed mindset refers to a belief that intelligence and abilities are relatively innate, changing very little over time. Growth mindset refers to a belief that intelligence and abilities can be ‘grown’ through experiences, effort, strategy, instruction and support from others.

The conference gave me the opportunity to revise my knowledge of Mindset. None of us is either one mindset or the other all the time. Carol shared some of the self-awareness techniques she teaches her freshman students at University to encourage them too to recognise their mindset. So starting with today, I will be posting a question so you too can take a moment and consider where your head is at right now.

Mindset – Assignment 1

Have a look at the table below with statements relating to Fixed or Growth Mindset. Then choose one phrase that sparks an interest in you, take time to observe this aspect and how it plays out in everyday life. Make some notes, if you have time, write a short piece for yourself. Lastly, set yourself a future goal.

Behaviours and language associated with Mindset
Fixed Mindset  Growth Mindset 
Abilities are Fixed  Abilities are GROWN
CAN’T do this I can’t do this YET 
AVOID challenge SEEK challenge
HIDE mistakes EXAMINE mistakes
Feedback is CRITICISM Feedback is ADVICE 


This is what I learnt when I looked at Opportunities. Working as a coach. I know that my style of coaching will fit some people but not others. So it is essential that I use an initial chemistry meeting to see if a connection can be made. If at the end of that chemistry meeting a prospective client declines to work with me or me with them, I remind myself that this moment may not be the right moment to work with that client but am grateful for the opportunity to have shared my coaching methodology.

To keep that growth mindest attitude regarding opportunities I have to work on my own resilience levels and in particular keeping a healthy perspective on life and work. So that’s my take on one aspect. What’s yours, I would be interested in reading your comments.

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