End of week two – what have your learnt?

The end of week two and counting and for parents, the end of the first week of homeworking with your children.

So what have you learnt this week?

I have learnt that I need more exercise and am so grateful to my pilates teachers and my P.T. instructor for embracing zoom and getting their classes up online. There was a minute of two of faffing, with muting microphones and screen angles but we quickly got into the swing of the class.

I have learnt that looking at a computer screen for long periods dries out my eyes. Any eye self-care tips that work will be gratefully received.

My last learning is that I really really enjoy my lunchtime on my own. Sitting in the garden, reading a magazine, watching 15 minutes of Bargain Hunt all help me switch my mind off from work. I have found that as much as I love my family, all the additional information in my head about their day at midday is not helpful for my focus in the afternoon. We’ve now agreed to eat lunch when we want and our shared meal will be in the evening.

Would love to know what learnings you have and what you are making a non-negotiable next week.

p.s. Last learning – that a plate of homemade rock cakes lasts 10 minutes with two teenagers!

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