February virtual gift to you all

A virtual gift for all of you.  


After feeling and seeing the pressures that so many of you are under right now, I thought this might help. 


I want you to cast your mind back your most favourite sweet shop. 


Now go to that place where you would find a lot of children and older people carefully selecting favourite sweets and placing them in a tray to be weighed at the till point and put into a white paper bag.  


Can you see the decisions as they played out on people’s faces?  In my mind, it was always 3 spearmint chews or 5, in my husbands 20 dolly mixtures or 25. The choice was tantalising, the colour and shine of the wrappers there to entice us, the smell was glorious.  If you were lucky your parent allowed you your own pocket money to spend and they had a long list of shopping to do and you were left in peace to choose. 


Whilst you are working from home, working in school, self-isolating and still in lockdown. I want you to think of the many energy building routines in your life as a virtual pic n’ mix.  


Instead of sweets, now switch your choices to the ways in which you can build positive energy.  Going for a walk, 10 press-ups, or a minute meditation. 


Write or draw all of these instant energy boosts on a chart or post-it notes and have them somewhere visible. Put reminders in various rooms.   


When you feel low energy, get up of your chair and go and choose one and give yourself an instant boost of endorphins.  


In these very unusual times, I am personally finding that I have to put some flexibility into my daily energy boosts.  


My extra special pic n’ mix photo that you can see includes – 


💙Getting up and hanging out of my window to watch the sunrise each day. 

💙Lighting a special candle 

💙Having a quick chat to my windowsill orchids who are blooming right now 

💙Stopping for a moment to marvel at the colours of flowers in my house 

💙Playing with my dog 

💙Reading a chapter in a good book 

💙Spending a minute or so marvelling at magnificent oak trees in my neighbourhood 

💙Choosing yarn for a new crochet project

💙Catching the sunset


These are some of the ways in which I have learnt to pick myself up this February. 


So whilst the C-19 crisis continues and negative emotions hit and leave you lethargic or overly worrying.  

Go to your personal pic n’ mix and treat yourself.  

Remember, you were the one who put them in your tray.

And trust yourself and know that that pic’ is one that you are really going to enjoy.  

Stay well. 



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