Fresh new start

The weeks are zooming past!

So much so that the days get chased away, before you know it, the moon and stars come out to play. Well, apart from Zoom lyrics what else have I learnt?

I’ve noticed a scent of change in the air.

Change in talk as people begin to make plans for a fresh new start. Yes, I’m moving away from the phrase ‘new normal.’ A fresh new start can mean so much more.

A chance to make some radical changes to our leaders working patterns. A chance to re-imagine the core purpose of our businesses or schools. A chance to move on from old procedures and assessments which bog us down and stop us flourishing.

This week I joined my coach communities for group calls. The common theme was all around change. What do we want to leave behind? What new ways can we work together in service of our clients and in service of ourselves?

On Thursday 30th April,  I was privileged to join a campfire circle led by Andres Roberts. A period of self-reflection, a time to welcome in the new and say goodbye and thank you to the old.

It is a wise leader who cares for themselves first. You cannot care for others when you are mentally exhausted, physically depleted, emotionally drained and spiritually empty.

So join me on my fresh new start campaign.

My slogan is – ‘Follow your nose.’

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