Mindset Challenge Assignment 2

‘The fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reasons for remaining ashore.’ Vincent Van Gogh

Think of a wish or challenge you want to set for yourself. An act of courage and determination. It might be a physical challenge, a social or an academic challenge. Plan out how you will achieve this.

This challenge set by Carol Dweck resonated with me. It took me back to the time when I moved from one profession – education into my current profession, as a coach. There were times that I doubted my ability, not to coach, but to run my own business. My inner voice was quite good at putting blocks in the way. But a growth mindset supported me. Planning the change was key. Reminding myself that starting a business would take time, perseverance and persistence.

took that courageous step and jumped in. I absolutely love being a coach/business owner… as much as I loved my career as a Headteacher. My next courageous step is to book some swimming lessons. I learnt to swim late in life in my early 20’s but never conquered my fear of deep water. With a growth mindset, I might not be able to do it yet, but I will in time.

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