I woke after a fractured nights sleep on the morning of the 23rd June 2016.

Blinking blurry eyes, I looked at my phone. The result was in… and we were going out.  My thoughts were in turmoil; what would the coming day bring.  

Within days, like a well run dry, kind words dried up, compassion became a muddy word. Dust balls rolled through the local neighbourhood as the barricades went up and people dug into their respective trenches.

Within weeks speaking your thoughts, however divisive, became the norm, accepted by the populist press. Sensible discourse became fake news.

Hurtling forward a few months an election voted in a man whose view of the world centred entirely around how much money he could make from it.  

Common sense and rational thinking had packed their bags and left on an ill-fated rocket launch to Mars.

But a rare thing called Hope was still left in Pandora’s box, reminding humanity that common sense and rational thinking had left footprints in our soul and could be reborn.

Hope provides us with motivation to find new purpose and meaning in our life.   

Hope reminds us to look into our own hearts to make the changes we know are right.  

Hope reminds us to question false idols who promise lands of plenty at the expense of others.

Hope reminds us that to be a great leader you need to serve others first.

Hope reminds us that the small actions we take today can and will make a difference for the safety of our planet tomorrow.  

Let hope restore common sense and rational thought to the heart of all our communities.

Take hope out of the box and let it shine.

How will hope show up in your life today and moving forwards into the future?

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