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There will always be a point in our career where we feel we’re ready to move on. Ready to reach out for that promotion, aim for the next step up. The reality of achievement is not always so straightforward and all too often, the blocks that prevent us bringing about positive career change actually come from within.

Resilience is our capacity to change, and change needs energy. Knowing where to find that energy, reaching inside to unlock personal fears and future capabilities is the key to moving forward, and this is where resilience coaching comes in, a technique that helps individuals and teams strengthen resolve, and set out plans of action.

From small steps, our careers can become meaningful, powerful and exciting once more.

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The 5 C's

Treading professional water? Sometimes you don’t know how far you’ve swum before you realise you’re drifting miles from shore. My coaching throws out a lifeline to pull you back, help you recognise what you value, and work out how those values can be aligned to your work.

High-pressure work environments are tiring and stressful. My coaching enables you to leave all that behind, finding the courage to discover new paths and tapping into the self-development skills needed to find and support a new work/life balance.

Feeling like you have no space to breathe and grow?  A growing list of things to do can hinder as well as help.  My coaching gives you an opportunity to stop, pause, ponder and percolate.  In those quieter moments, your brain can ratchet up a gear and get creative.

Tricky teams and fractious relationships can demotivate. A toxic environment will send you frantically searching for a way out, as disempowered employees fail to thrive. My coaching helps you identify flashpoints, rediscover your community, build positive collaborations.

A growing workload distracts the most efficient person from realising their goals, leaving them struggling to keep the plates spinning with no time to set up new ones. My coaching allows you to embrace change, moving on from ‘just coping’ to making crucial leaps in life.

What happens during a session?

My sessions provide a non-judgemental space for clients to find the time and resolve for proper reflection. In the personal space created by our working together, I will help you discover what it is that you need to proceed.

Our first session will cover, amongst other things, the following topics:

  • Your understanding of coaching
  • What happens during a session?
  • The 5 C's
  • Our confidentiality requirements
  • The proposed time and length of meetings

A solution to fit you

When we first meet, our initial talks will centre around getting to know each other and sketching out a plan tailored just for you. As the sessions progress, we will find out more about the exact goals and energies needed to proceed and go into more detail. Towards the end of every session, I will guide you to make a commitment to action that you can work on, in advance of our next meeting.

The number of coaching sessions varies from person to person, and sessions will take place at a mutually convenient location for the client and coach, to be agreed in the initial meeting.

During our time together we will think creatively about making changes in your career, projecting hopes for the future but also mining the past for previous successes, which can be re-utilised. Through our coaching sessions, I will help you see that the changes you want, large or small, start from within you and relate directly to how you work, both alongside and within your organisation.

With encouragement and support, I can help you set out clear intentions until you come to understand who wants to be as a leader.

I get frustrated about the inequality I see around the world: I coach business professionals regardless of gender, race, economic status and religion. So much of the world’s wealth is held by a minority, which often leads to financial discrimination. Some people never get the chance to shine, others have the opportunity but choose not to take it, which means they stay in positions where they are unhappy and unfulfilled.

My view is that a nation can only flourish when equality and prosperity is available to all. When we are self-sufficient and work together, we can help bring about significant and positive change.


Many clients have lots of questions before we start work together, and it’s so important that I answer them fully. I thought it would be a good idea to choose a sample and elaborate on my working methods. After all, coaching is all about asking yourself questions, and checking that the answers you give back are still in line with your working methods.

How much of coaching is theory, and how much is practise?

Resilience and wellbeing work is very practical; I try not to overload the client with too much theory. We develop actions that are simple and sustainable to bring about change.

What sets you aside from other coaches?

Many clients come to me having had coaches who didn’t connect with them, and that’s so often down to the fact that people can enter the profession without face-to-face training. I make sure my own training is a priority and I undertake regular professional development to stay up-to-date. Under supervision, I keep my skills current and active; if I don’t value and explore what I do, how can my clients value my processes? I also love my own training projects, I’m currently interested in the field of neuroscience, in particular how we use our neurons throughout our whole body.

What other solutions can you offer?

There is a growing field of self-awareness and wellbeing, as well as a focus on work/life balance. I work with individuals who know they need to focus on reducing stress and boosting wellbeing and have also been trained in Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT).  My own training in this field means I can help clients align their head, heart and gut so as to build confidence with decision-making.

Can you pick out some watchwords that sum up the spirit needed to succeed?

I use the 5Cs as a method of working. Courage: live each day as courageously as you can. Curiosity: question, enquire, learn new stuff all the time. Community: big or small, at work or home, community is the vital spirit we need to succeed. Change: always take the chance to embrace new methods and approaches. And Creativity: be creative in whatever you do, and pull together as a creative team to make new opportunities.

What keeps you going?

In my ‘spare’ time I knit and sew, the creative process is important to me.  I love to read, fiction and non-fiction and my bedside table is always full of books.  I walk, which I love; it encourages me to look for joy in my local environment,  walking gives me energy.  Walking has really helped my mental and physical state in the past, the present and will be part of my future. I also love the weekend personal training class I share with my husband. We drag ourselves out of bed and start the sessions complaining, but after an hour we’re full of energy and ready to go. It’s totally transformed our weekends!

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