How I work

Coaching is all about connecting with people and creating a non-judgemental space for reflection, a space to think and make a plan.

In an initial meeting we will contract together and cover:

  • the time and length of meetings
  • confidentiality requirements
  • my code of ethics
  • your understanding of coaching

In a typical coaching session, you will raise the change that you want to make. This could be large or small, but most importantly it needs to be relevant to you and how you work in your organisation.

We will think creatively about this change, projecting into the future as well as mining the past for successes which can be utilised again.

Towards the end of a session, I will guide you to make a commitment to action that you will work to achieve before the next meeting.

I found my coaching sessions with Samantha to be invaluable. She is a wonderful coach- genuine, compassionate and skilled at what she does. Each session builds on the previous one and I found answers to questions through my own thinking that I had been seeking for a while. She listened, challenged my thinking in a supportive and constructive way and made me reflect on my own practice as a senior leader. The coaching also benefitted my wellbeing extremely positively; I found strategies to use in my own practice. In doing so, I have made small changes which I believe will have a great impact on how efficiently I can function in my role and how confident I am in doing so.

Deputy Head 2019

Samantha’s coaching was hugely beneficial to me at a key point in my career. Working in a creative agency can often be a high-pressure environment so staying resilient in the face of challenges is key.

Samantha helped me take a step back and reflect on my goals and what makes me tick. We put a plan in place for keeping energised in the face of adversity - particularly thinking from my whole body and bringing my head, heart and gut into balance.

Samantha is really passionate about bringing the best out of people and helping them to find the tools they need to realise their ambitions. I would definitely recommend Samantha’s coaching to anyone looking to better themselves in their career.

Senior Account Manager 2019

I worked with Samantha as part of the On Purpose programme and found her a very supportive coach. She is passionate about bringing the best out of people and this comes through in her collaborative coaching style and approach. I found our sessions thought-provoking and very rewarding.

Impact Investment On Purpose Fellow 2018

Thank you, Samantha, for helping me through some really challenging times.  When I first met you, I was feeling undervalued at work and questioning my career choices.  You listened intently to my woes, understood what I was saying (or trying to say through the tears) and then helped to build my resilience to deal with these setbacks. You provided me with some great strategies to use not just in my career, but life in general.  I feel much more confident and empowered to achieve my goals.  Thank you for your support. 

Senior Teacher 2018

"Coaching sessions with Samantha made an amazing difference in allowing me to deal successfully with some very complex issues. Also, the legacy of the sessions has resulted in the development of inner resilience and confidence that I can call upon continually in my professional life."

Deputy Head 2017

Samantha is really relatable and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience that I was able to apply directly to my teaching practice.  She has given me guidance on how to look after my professional and personal wellbeing, as well as offering practical advice on how to deal with new situations in the workplace. 

NQT 2018

"Much better work/ life balance, and therefore better job satisfaction. More time for my own children!"

KS2 Teacher 2017

"I felt at ease and relaxed straight away. I talked about things which I hadn't realised were on my mind. I felt listened to, some stress had been taken away as I could prioritise what I needed to do."

Assistant Head 2017

"I felt very comfortable with Samantha. She was very professional and approachable. She made me aware of how my own feelings and worries were sometimes getting in the way. I now feel much more confident in dealing with new situations and handling problems independently."

NQT 2016

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