Mindset Challenge Assignment 4

Mindset Assignment 4

This one will be a joy and a challenge to you today.

Who remembers the closing scene of Back to the Future 2 when Marty is standing on that wet road in the middle of the night in 1955? The scene when a man comes up and gives him a letter written from 1885? If you don’t I suggest a weekend catching up!

I would like you to replicate that scene in a different way.

Take out a blank piece of paper and write yourself a letter dated with today’s day and month but twenty years in the future. If you are reading this today, that date will be Thursday 12th September 2039.

As you write thinking of yourself in the future, you will share the challenges and obstacles that might have got in the way in life. And more importantly, write of how you overcame those obstacles and challenges using a growth mindset. I have written my letter today, on a favourite Bruce William (landscape artist) card to keep me focused on the possibilities of a wonderful blue sky. Knowing what I have written puts me in a positive state of mind. I’m still very much looking forward to opening it again in 20 years time. If you write your letter, post a photo in the comments capturing this moment and remember what you have written as you go about your life.

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