Mindset Challenge Assignment 5

Mindset assignment 5

‘Being brilliant all the time can stifle our creativity’.

Carol Dweck made me think and ponder and it took me back to an article that I read recently by author @Robert Poyton whose new book ‘Do Pause’, discusses the importance to building in pauses into our day. Poyton talks about pauses as space to ‘get more out, not packing more in’ to your life. As a coach, I help my clients do just that in their sessions. I create a non-judgemental space for reflection. A space to allow time for creative thought.

My own word for pause is percolating, linked to my love of a cup of tea! In my supervision session this week, I noted that for me to thrive, I need percolating time. It gives my brain space to process the billions of thoughts it has every day.

So my question to you on a Friday before a weekend. How can you build in percolating time into your day?

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