Notice, habits, joy

Summer is drawing to a close and in noticing what is happening around me, I have also given thought to the habits that shape this particular time of my year.

I have always loved the summer holidays. I love the extra light, the deep blue skies and of course the warmth.

I have used time this summer to rest and relax with my family and friends.

I have used the time to discover new places, this year visiting Chamonix and falling in love with the amazing scenery.

I have used the time to cook lovely meals using fruits and vegetables in new ways, some that I harvested from my garden. My sons in particular have enjoyed this summer habit.

I have used the time to experiment with bringing another living being into our home by supporting a family friend and dog sitting their wonderful Labradoodle – Moriarty for two weeks. That was an eye opener!

And I have also used time this summer to create space in my life for new ideas and new thinking.

A new habit I have created has been inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee after watching her Tedtalk on ‘Where joy hides and how to find it.’

Spotting colour and shape in my daily life has become a habit that brings me great joy.  Colour spotting has reminded me how happy I am when I wear colour and I am determined to make this more of a feature of my wardrobe.

In Chamonix this summer I looked for a different rainbow colour each day.  As I looked and pulled my family into my search, I created joy in the conversations I had with them, debating their take on whether one shade of blue was better than another or whether the violet I photographed was really violet and not mauve.  Discussing colours in this way opened the eyes of my teens and made them look up from their screens.

Noticing habits, creating habits and breaking old habits is usual for people around the start of a new year in January, but for me as someone who has worked in school for many years, September has always been the start of the year.

However, this September, I will not be making my way back into school but instead turning my mind to a different path of full time coaching.  As I start on this new journey, I will continue to keep this new habit of looking for things which make me joyful.  Photographing the seasons, wearing bright colours, noticing joy around me.

How do you create joy in your life?   What habits are important to you at this time of the year?

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