The Change Flywheel Hardback signed copy


  • Do you feel exhausted or stressed by your work?
  • Are you lacking in confidence, questioning yourself and the decisions you make?
  • Do you want to take charge of your life?

Using the principles of The Change Flywheel, Sam Jayasuriya will guide you through its four main elements so that you can achieve the change you desire for yourself.

Packed with guidance, case studies, activities and wisdom from her own life experiences, Sam’s book will:

  • enhance the ways you lead and support others
  • provide a wealth of ideas and inspiration for those ready for a new perspective
  • offer you an opportunity to self-coach
  • support you to reduce overwhelm
  • increase your clarity
  • boost your confidence

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“As someone who deeply respects embodied practice, I was delighted to read this deep dive into somatic coaching. An insightful, empowering and inspiring read that encapsulates both wisdom and practical application. This book draws upon Sam’s 40+ years of experience, case studies and research, offering real value for people-helping professionals and beyond”
– Sobia Iqbal: Coach Supervisor, Leadership Coach and Speaker

“At a time when we are rightfully reflecting on the pressures of school leadership, Samantha presents a coaching model that supports leaders to reflect on our practice. It provides guidance on making simple changes that will develop our qualities as leaders, alongside making positive improvements for our own wellbeing.”
– Claire Hargreaves Deputy headteacher

“The Change Flywheel is a life-affirming read which re-connected me with my childhood, my education, my parenting, and my creativity along with so much more. It gave me cause to reflect on society and how we need to do better in terms of understanding the answer to the Masai question,“How are the children?” The recommended exercises are helpful, and I gained much inspiration which helped me reaffirm my commitment to my own learning and creativity and most importantly of all my own self-care.”
– Karen Smart, Head of Consultancy, AoEC

“For any busy human who leads teams or helps others through their work, this is a must read. You can pick it up and choose a section that has most relevance to you at that point in your life and find inspiration and practical advice. It’s prodded my brain, made me sit up and think and given me new ways to approach client challenges. As always with Sam, it’ human, thought provoking and makes you see yourself through an array of lenses.”
– Rebecca Walker – Leadership Coach Unfold

‘This is an excellent read, Its opening sentence is ‘This book is for those who want the best for others’, and it is clear from the start that this is exactly what the author wants for her readership. The book sets out bravely to support every reader to become the best person that they can whilst developing a greater understanding of themselves. Sam has drawn on her own experiences as a woman, teacher, leader and coach as well as the stories of other leaders to present deep insights into how we can better understand the challenges facing us, not only in the workplace, but in our personal lives too. Research is used effectively to underpin her ideas and a clear and comprehensive way of approaching and effecting change is offered.
This would be a very useful book for anyone working in education or who strives to lead, help and support others. It provides material that can be returned to again and again and will aid the growth of confidence and self-belief.”
– Sue Tanton, retired teacher and Education Advisor

“One of my key takeaways from Sam’s beautifully written book is that ‘the simplest things are the best’. If indeed we cannot save time, but only use it wisely, as Sam quotes, then I take the opportunity to recommend something simple we can all do with the time we each have: read this book! It will inspire and boost your confidence to enhance the way you lead and support others, in an energising, positive and life- changing way, as it did me.”
– Sarah Szekir-Papasavva, Virtual Assistant (Apt Virtual Assistance Ltd)

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