A selection of client testimonials.

Samantha has spent the last year coaching me as part of the On Purpose programme, and it has been a really positive and transformative experience. She is highly skilled at helping you both set and achieve goals, using a variety of techniques. Samantha and I just ‘clicked’ immediately, and she is someone whom I really trust to advise me. I would highly recommend her services.

Alex Harbinson Oct 2021

When I needed clarity and someone to help me to focus on what really motivates me, I asked Sam to coach me. Our one-to-one sessions only enabled me to dig deep, safe in the knowledge that Sam would guide me out of any rabbit holes that weren't worth lingering in. With her kind yet laser-focussed questions and suggestions, I was able to align the things that I am pursuing with the sustainable development goal of health and wellbeing. Sam also help the seed of an idea grow into a business that I am now well on the way to making a core part of my contribution to the world, thank you Sam!

Shehnaaz Latif Nov 2021

How was this session overall? Life Changing How much progress have you made towards the goal(s) you set for yourself as part of this experience? 9 I gained valuable insights or takeaways from this session. Strongly Agree 5 out of 5 I feel optimistic about the future. Strongly Agree 5 out of 5

Senior Field Engineer Feb 2021

How well matched are you with your coach? Perfect match How was this session overall? Life Changing How much progress have you made towards the goal(s) you set for yourself as part of this experience? 8 I gained valuable insights or takeaways from this session. Strongly Agree 5 out of 5 I feel optimistic about the future. Agree 4 out of 5

Senior people partner - Entertainment Company Nov 2021

How was this session overall? Life Changing How much progress have you made towards the goal(s) you set for yourself as part of this experience? A lot of progress 10 out of 10 This session was a valuable use of my time. Strongly Agree 5 out of 5 Is there anything else you'd like to share about your session? I can actually say this coaching and Sam have changed my direction for the positive and put me in a great place. Thank you! I feel optimistic about the future. Strongly Agree 5 out of 5

Senior Manager - Global Digital Company April 2022

The impact of Sam’s work with leaders in our organisation have been clear and positive. I have seen those who have worked with Sam really step up into senior leadership as a result of the coaching. Sam has brought out confidence and energised colleagues enabling them to increase their effectiveness and wellbeing as a result. The changes have been more significant than I have seen from any other form of CPD.

Headteacher - Middle School Jan 2022

The outcomes from my work with Sam are clear. In the space of 6 months, Sam was instrumental in my transformation from a point where I was lacking energy, direction and faith in myself as a professional to a point where I had a clear direction, was energised in my current role, feeling positive about my abilities and had a clear plan for the future. After 25 years in teaching, 13 of which have been as a head, with structural change on the horizon, I knew it was time for a change. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Working with Sam as a coach has provided a fundamental change in my outlook and clarity over my future plans. Sam has worked with me on my values – the really core values not just those that you “think you should have”. She helped me to understand my strengths, needs and wants and through skilled and curious conversations enabled me to learn more about myself and make some big decisions. The whole process, as well as being a period of genuine and significant growth that I had not experienced before, was also always enjoyable. Sam is personable, a lovely character and the first person to help me to give myself permission to “be kind to myself”. Thank you Sam for the changes you have brought about in my life.

Maxine Nov 2021

A fun, energising workshop with practical hints and activities and the opportunity to practice and learn. Positive impact felt straight away. Thank you.

Reflection from a participant on the Spring workshop March 2022

What a lovely way to spend 2 hours considering how the changing season impacts my world bringing change and new energy. A pause for reflection with likeminded people! So enjoyable

Reflection from a participant on the Spring workshop March 2022

Being honest and showing vulnerability, isn’t a bad thing! It’s okay to need support or help

Reflection from a participant on Evolution Feb 2022

Sharing experiences has highlighted the fact that others feel the same pressures and has made me feel that it is ok to delegate and ask others for their input and support.

Reflection from KS2 Leader Feb 2022

I felt reassured by shared experiences, and gave me confidence to work on my leadership style

Reflection from KS2 Leader Jan 2021

I have a better understanding of my strengths and have begun to think about how I can use these to positively impact issues or difficulties in my leadership role. I feel better for having met and spoken to other leaders who are in a similar position.

Reflection from KS1 Leader Feb 2022

Sam is a very thoughtful and positive coach. She considers each person’s needs and offers many approaches to guiding you to what you hope to achieve. I really enjoyed working with her.

Reflection from a participant on the workshop Jan 2022

The winter workshop gave me a different perspective on the ways in which we can embrace what this season offers rather than just trying to get through it! The body awareness exercises will be very useful to incorporate into my day to provide those mindful moments that I currently lack.

Nutritional expert Jan 2022

Sam brought empathy and energy to a busy Winter morning - I made myself take time away from the screens and spent time actively listening to my outdoor Winter environment, refreshing and invigorating me for the time I do have to spend in a dark room on screens - thank you!

Reflection from a leader in a creative agency Jan 2022

A very enjoyable workshop with refreshing ideas , positivity and a reminder of the importance of self care!!

Reflection from a participant on the workshop Oct 2021

I've left Sam's masterclass with a renewed appreciation for the current season. I now have tools to spot and savour magic in the everyday. Thank you Sam!

Solo Entrepreneur Oct 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed pausing for a moment and recognising who and what I am grateful for and who inspires me. It has reinforced the choices I have made in the last few months and made me feel proud of myself.

Reflection from a participant on the workshop Oct 2021

I feel I am a more confident leader and the aspects of my role that I found more challenging before I can now face with a clearer idea of how best to prepare myself and deal with it. This is something that I am still working on and will be something I have to spend time developing.

Reflection from a primary Deputy Head July 2021

Sam's personalised course is geared towards the individual; it develops you as a person, focusing on your strengths and how to use these effectively as a leader. It helps you to harness your abilities to become a more confident leader.

Reflection from an English Head of Department July 2021

It helped me to understand that I should try and become more attuned to others' needs.

SENCo Jan 2021

This course has developed my leadership style by focusing on my strengths to compliment and nurture my areas of development in order to become the best leader I can be. Also, learning ways of communicating with others has been great e.g. the use of questioning.

Reflection from Early Years Leader Jan 2021

It (Evolution course) has made me think about the bigger picture and pull myself back from situations. I often led with my emotions and didn't really think of others' perspectives. Now, I think about how other people approach things and try to adapt my approach in how to talk, discuss, monitor and help them. It has helped me get a better understanding of how I balance work and my personal life and the need and importance of taking care of myself.

Reflection from KS1 Leader Jan 2021

"It’s useful to know specifically where your strengths and areas of development lie to be able to progress. Sun & Sky have helped to give me this knowledge and the steps to better develop myself personally and professionally.

Reflection on coaching from KS Leader 2020

"It has really opened my eyes up to how much my life is all linked together. Small habits in the morning or at night can impact the way I act and feel at work. How I spend my times on the weekend can impact my energy levels for the whole week. I'm understanding the importance of developing good habits to make sure I have better wellbeing and I am the best leader I can be."

Reflection from KS Leader 2020

"Two sessions in and the coaching has had a positive impact on my performance and my confidence. I am excited about the upcoming sessions!"

EYFS Leader 2020

"I am fairly new to leadership and this course has helped, and is helping me to really understand what makes a great leader and how I can self-develop in order to grow as a leader and enjoy all segments of the journey."

Participant from Evolution course June - 3rd part Engagement 2020

"Moving forwards, this will have an immediate change in my work and I strongly believe this will foster developing colleagues personal agency - something that has been key in my mind for a while now."

Participant from Evolution course June - 2nd part Empowerment 2020

"Developing a greater sense of my personal values and how these align with my workplace. Being introduced to empathy rather than sympathy has really shifted my perspective at how I should be leading. I didn't think of thinking as being a whole-body thing but now I do, it will definitely impact my thoughts and motives moving forward."

Participant from Evolution course June - 2nd part Empowerment 2020

"It immediately had an impact. I felt I communicated with staff regarding a challenging situation in a positive way which displayed empathy but allowed the staff to feel empowered."

Participant from Evolution course June - 2nd part Empowerment 2020

"I have been thinking and reflecting more on my approach to leading others. Enabling others to work with me to find solutions. Reflecting on issues and what we would do differently has also been good."

Participant from Evolution course June - 2nd part Empowerment 2020

"I feel more aware of my strengths and I have more faith in myself as a leader. It is easy to doubt yourself and focus on negatives/areas for development but today has helped me look at the positive side and my strengths and value myself more."

Participant from Evolution course June - 1st part Enquiry 2020

"I feel more focused on my journey to becoming a leader in my school. I understand what my strengths are more clearly and how I can use them to my advantage."

Participant from Evolution course June - 1st part Enquiry 2020

"This is my first leadership course. It was really useful to have a guided period of time with like-minded colleagues to focus on my strengths as usually my time is spent on areas I deem I need to improve. The content and the activities so far have immediately boosted my self-confidence and have given me a greater sense of excitement and positivity."

Participant from Evolution course June - 1st part Enquiry 2020

"I am more focused on how I interact. Reflect after an interaction and think what worked well/ what I could improve. It was a great session."

Participant from Evolution course June - 1st part Enquiry 2020

"After this session, I felt more positive, especially during this time of lockdown. It has made me think about what I can do to keep myself feeling full of energy and what I need to do to achieve this."

Participant from Energy Masterclass May 2020

"Before the class, I felt rather deflated. The weather hasn't been good this week so getting out for a walk hasn't been as easy. Sleeping hasn't been great and I was feeling rather lethargic. Having joined Samantha's Energy Masterclass, I learnt how breathing, not having my phone by my bed in the evening and taking time to pause makes a big difference. By the end of the day, I felt so much better and I have started my day today feeling much more positive."

Participant from Energy Masterclass May 2020

Samantha’s coaching was hugely beneficial to me at a key point in my career, where staying resilient in the face of challenges was key. She helped me take a step back and reflect on my goals and what made me tick. We put a plan in place so I was able to stay energised in the face of adversity, thinking from my whole body and bringing my head, heart and gut into balance. Samantha is passionate about bringing out the best in people and helping them find the tools they need to realise their ambitions.

Senior Account Manager 2019

My coaching sessions with Samantha were invaluable. She’s a wonderful coach – genuine, compassionate and skilled. Each session built on the previous one: through my own thinking, I found answers to questions I’d been asking myself for a while. She listened, challenged my thinking in a supportive and constructive way and made me reflect on my own practice as a senior leader. The coaching also benefitted my wellbeing positively, giving me strategies to use in my own practice. In doing so, I have made small changes that are having a great impact on how efficiently I function in my role.

Dep Head 2019

Samantha is really relatable and holds a wealth of knowledge and experience that I was able to apply directly to my teaching practice. She has given me guidance on how to look after my professional and personal wellbeing, as well as offering practical advice on how to deal with new situations in the workplace.

Training programme 2018

I felt at ease and relaxed straight away. I talked about things which I hadn't realised were on my mind. I felt listened to, and stresses were lifted, leaving me more able to prioritise any tasks ahead.

Assistant Head 2017

I’ve got a much better work/life balance, therefore much better job satisfaction and more time for my own children!

KS2 teacher 2017

I felt very comfortable with Samantha. She was professional and approachable, and made me aware of how my own feelings and worries were sometimes getting in the way. I now feel more confident in dealing with new situations and handling problems independently.

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