Tired, tired and more tired??

Tiredness, plaguing the nations around the world right now.


On a normal day, getting yourself out of a tired emotion would involve many different activities including sleep, changing your diet and more.


Over-tiredness is prevalent now and lockdown absolutely has a part to play in that. With a multitude of different stressors bombarding us, our bodies go into freeze. Freeze is one of the three responses our body will take when faced with danger. The other two being fight or flight.


The stress of COVID-19, working at home, schooling our children etc, all in turn, can freeze our bodies.


Learning to listen to what our body is telling us is a positive way to deal with the tiredness associated with freeze.

To get out of a frozen state, think what a small animal would do when faced with danger. It will freeze first and then assess the situation, deciding to fight or flee. If it realises that there is no danger around, it will shake itself and move off.

Try this technique.


Whilst sitting, put your feet on the floor and your back to the chair. Look around, remind yourself where you are and that you are safe. Breathe deeply into your gut. Focus on the adrenaline in your body and release it by gently flexing your feet and hands.


It is the pent up energy trapped inside our bodies, that we would have released by fleeing or fighting which leaves us exhausted.


Let me know in the comments below if any of this resonates with you and how you are feeling right now

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