What have your learnt this week?

End of another week in lockdown.

This week has been a turning point for me. Maybe because I’m in the acceptance part of the grief cycle that I have seen circulated in posts this week.

Despite saying last week that I didn’t want to meet my family for lunch, what I missed was quality time chatting to my husband. So we met for lunchtime cooking date, made and baked cookies and danced in the kitchen! One hour where we didn’t talk about C-19 but created something that our family really enjoyed. Roll on more lunch dates, please.

I’ve learnt that committing to a daily meditation using my coherence tracker and joining Dara Caryotis on a Heart math meditation gives me peace.

I’ve learnt that many of my clients are burning the midnight oil whilst working at home. If you need help with boundaries whilst working at home, contact me and I can empower you to take action and put in some positive boundaries.

Lastly, learning from my lovely coach group, I’ve reinstalled my focus keeper app on my phone based on the Pomodoro Technique, which has the added benefit of a ticking clock followed by break time, a reminder to me of my Headteacher days.

Would love to know what you are learning this week whilst working in lockdown.


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